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Our mission is to provide high-quality tea and to create healthier lifestyle. 

All About Our Tea Room

     I fall in love with tea since I was 5 years old . Every morning I make cups of Green tea to start a day of fresh, warm, delight.  The tea fragrance made a home for me; Tea is a lifestyle. Tea is more than lovely! It is a bridge connecting me with family, friends, people,  and nature.  In particular, tea is one of the material foundations of my mental and physical health.

        ──欣儿  (Xiner)               

Tea is friendship, tea is family.  MingXin Chinese Art and Tearoom opened on March 6, 2020. Upon visiting, people can try different kinds of authentic Chinese tea and view presentations that will introduce them to the value and spirit of the Chinese lifestyle.

The whole world is just a global village without boundaries today, every culture has its own reason for existence.

Our studio works as a small window. People can see how an ordinary Chinese family lives and they can feel Chinese culture through tea-sipping, calligraphy, and Chinese ink painting, Chinese artwork, and Mandarin training.

The studio will provide the same experience for the people of Eau Claire, just with the tables turned this time. The time spent in the studio to help people enrich their own culture through an encounter with another.

The MingXin Chinese Cultural Exchange and Tea Studio at Artisan Forge Studios are open 9 am-5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. We sincerely welcome you to stop by. More information can be found by searching for the MingXin Chinese Cultural Exchange on Facebook. 

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